About Us


    Suzhou First Plastic Co.,Ltd is established in 1995 as a Japan wholly-owned enterprise. 

Specializing in the developing,manufacturing and selling precision injection molds and parts in the field of Office equipment, Mobile, Medical instruments, Automobile, Intelligent industrial and so on.

Since our company establishment, our success requires more than just best-of-breed equipment and technology, but also the team which includes our dedicated members, associating in a strategic technology and wonderful environment.

   We valueand empower our team to create a culture that rewards and always...

   Suzhou First Plastic Co.,Ltd moved Suzhou Xiangcheng District by Suzhou Goverement guidance construction on Suzhou Industrail Park in 2021 October.

   We make novelty moderan a Smart Factory to future, we work hard, we do present Sustainability.

Product Introduction

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